Our History

The basic character of our church was determined well before we had our first worship service. Several individuals, whose collective experiences had led them to hold compatible convictions regarding the need for a new ministry in Clark County, discussed, planned, and prayed regarding the establishment of All Saints Parish Church. According to God's unmistakable providence, and after more than a year of anticipation, we determined that the time had come to launch this new work. We met for worship for the first time on Sunday, July 24, 2011.

From the beginning, our earnest desire has been to show the character of Christ in every aspect of our ministry. We believe Christians have two basic areas of activity—within the Body as we worship, fellowship, and grow together, and in the community where God provides opportunities to demonstrate mercy to those in need.


Sunday Worship Time

Join us for worship every Sunday. Service time is at 2:00 PM.